Microphonic Cable Technology


The ECOLine product range was developed for cost-effective protection of industrial properties, systematically combining our experience from the high-security area with a flexible topology that can also use existing infrastructures.
The design of the system can cover installations of any conceivable size.
The ECO-Line comprises two sensor types (ECOPOINT and ECOMIC), which depending on the application can be used individually or in combination. The method of operation makes the ECOMIC system particularly suitable for light fences and structures.


Monitoring of lighter structures able to conduct structure-borne noise.


  • Simple and flexible infrastructure
  • Digital signal processing and filtering
  • User-friendly operating software
  • Software upgradeable via download
  • Many programmable control functions
  • 3rd party components can be integrated
Supply voltage12 – 48 VDC
InputApprox. 0.5 W per evaluation unit
Interfaces1x RS-485, 1x USB type B
Sensor cableMCC combi cable with data and power supply and / or MC2A armoured high-sensitivity sensor cable
Sector length: max. 100 m with MCC
Combi cable: max. 200 m with MC2A
Length of a data link without amplifierMax. 1200 m
Working temperature-40°C to +85°C
Number of sensor evaluation units to MASTERCENTRALMax. 128 per system bus max. 1000 per system
Number of sensor evaluation units to MINICENTRALMax. 64
Other inputs4 monitored inputs for external contacts
Outputs2 potential-free relays with changeover contacts
HousingDie cast aluminium IP65
Dimensions(H x W x D) 26 mm x 151 mm x 120 mm

The ECOMIC sensor system is based on a piezoelectric microphone cable which detects structure-borne noise created in structures by manipulation attempts. In addition to its function as a sensor cable, the newly-developed MCC combi cable also provides data transmission for the evaluation units or sensors, and supplies power.

Each evaluation electronics assembly additionally provides inputs and outputs for external systems, such as gate contacts or IR barriers. In this way many more functions can be integrated without additional cable installations.
Gates can be easily secured with ECOPOINT point sensors, since they can be operated directly on the same data bus system.

Sensor evaluations use the latest processor technology. The software works with digital signal filtering and has the option of software update via bootloader, allowing new functions to also be retrofitted. All sensor systems offer the option of signal correlation to as far as possible minimize unwanted signals.

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