Acceleration sensors


The NEOPOINT sensor system is our latest development for monitoring fences, facades, roofs or other solid structures. The system is designed for extremely simple installation using the most flexible infrastructure possible. This system is aimed at applications in the industrial and military environment.


  • Monitoring of any structure able to transmit sound, or that can tilt or move.


  • Easy installation using two-wire bus
  • Detection of structure-borne noise, dynamic tilt and position
  • Digital signal processing and filtering
  • Concealed or overt installation
  • Software can be updated via download
  • Addressable by bus system
  • With 6 types of alarms
Power supplyVia 12-48VDC power module
Data connectionLAN/RS-485
Sensor element3-axis (3D) capacitive acceleration sensor
Detection typesStructure-borne noise, dynamic tilt, position, cut counter, integral and combi (structure-borne noise and tilt)
Sector lengthLocalizable by sensor
Number of sensorsMax. 250 per sensor data line
Number of sensor strandsUnlimited
Connection (electric)Coaxial cable
ConnectionsSpring terminals, with clip for shield
Working temperature– 35°C to + 85°C
HousingAnodized aluminium IP65 housing
(H x W x D) 100 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm incl.  flange

The basis of the sensor is acceleration sensors implemented as 3D sensor elements, in order to improve measurement precision and so detection certainty.

NEOPOINT is suitable for the monitoring of fences and many metal structures, and can even be effectively installed on walls, windows and roofs. The  weatherproof sensor housing can be mounted directly in the open, or covered within the fence profile. The acceleration or point sensors detect changes in the structure-borne noise and inclination of the construction. These sensors can additionally monitor their own position. The specially-developed databus, which
handles both data and power supply over the same cores, dramatically simplifies and accelerates installation of the system. This new bus system provides the  foundation for the new SYSCONET, which is being successively extended with further modules. Individual addressing and parametrisation allows each sensor to construct its own sector, which can be precisely set to the relevant conditions.

The sensors work with the latest in processor technology and digital signal  filtering. The operating system on each sensor together with the bootloader  provides the facility for software update, allowing new functionality to be retrofitted. All hubs provide the option of signal correlation to as far as possible minimise unwanted detections.


The NEOIO serves as a combination module inside, or near to, doors or gates monitoring four differential inputs (e.g. latch contacts, light barriers, etc.) and has two potential-free outputs. The NEOIO also offers the complete sensor functionality of a NEOPOINT.

Applications: Extended sensor element for additional monitoring of external contacts of e.g. gates.

  • Sensor functionality
  • 4x differential inputs
  • 2x relay outputs

NEOIO is a NEOPOINT with additional functionality for 4x differential inputs and 2x relay outputs. Our latest introduction to SYSCO’s new NEOLINE program.

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