Taut wire system


SYSCO’s PROTECTIVEFENCE taut wire system is an electronic detection system for the detection of penetration or climbing-over of mechanical barriers. Horizontal wires are stretched between mechanical fixed points and run along the routes. Movements and changes in length of these tension wires are picked up by a sensor post mounted in the center of the zone. Each tension wire has a separate sensor integrated into the post (max 32) that accurately detects the slightest movement.


  • For the most demanding installations
  • Wall detection
  • Roof edge monitoring
Number of sensorsMax. 32 per evaluation unit
Sector length Max. 100 m
Sensor sensitivity0.3 mm resolution by deflection
Settings OptionsContinual for each sensor separately
Sensor principleHall-type sensor
Number of signal outputs4 potential-free relay contacts
InterfacesRS232 oder RS485
Power Supply12-15VDC 170mA
Working temperature-35°C bis +85°C
Number of Sensorsmax. 32 per evaluation unit
Sector length Max. 100m
Sensor sensitivity0.3 mm deflection resolution

The evaluation unit monitors the incoming data of each sensor separately and triggers an alarm when certain time and value criteria are exceeded. Our modern microprocessor technology allows alarm threshold and temporal behavior to be separately programmed for each sensor individually. Weather-related influences such as wind and change in length of the tension wires are detected by the electronics and adjusted accordingly. The evaluation unit has four signal outputs, which can be freely assigned to the sensors, allowing several logical sectors to be formed and put out separately. Each sensor has an integrated event counter.

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