SENSECONTROL represents the universal management and visualization software of the latest SYSCO systems generation. The aim of the new development was to create intuitive operation and display that can be flexibly expanded and adapted.


  • User-friendly parameterization software
  • Display system with graphical representation of the installation
  • Intuitive operation
  • Multiple users
  • Integrated database system
  • Complete event and operation history
  • Software interfaces to many external systems
  • Linux and Android ready
Operating SystemCommon Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Pro)
with min. 500MB free hard disk space
Optimal Screen Resolutionmin. 1280×768 pixels
Hardware RequirementsUSB 2.0 | Ethernet connection
1GHz Intel i3 Prozessor
Optimized forOpenGL graphics card 2.0

The software is primarily for the parametrization and visualization of our detection systems. The modular software architecture also creates a management program into which functions and interfaces are gradually integrated. The software is structured to enable operation on Linux or Android as well as the current Windows.

Current functionality: Current system states are visualized, parameters set and input and output signals linked through a convenient graphical user interface. The program can at the same time be used with various 3rd party systems for forwarding messages or receiving control commands. In support of this a variety of software protocols and an OPC server are available via various interfaces.
All system components are displayed in a system graphic and the operating states clearly visualized. Likewise, installation plans can be integrated to obtain the best system overview. In conjunction with audio signalling, this type of presentation can also be used as an alarm display for security personnel.

A database system is available, offering extensive functions for statistical evaluation of any events occurring. In addition all system events and all operational processes are also fully recorded, allowing any changes made to the configuration to be retraced. Software functionality is of course scalable via password protection. Multiple user stations, with different user rights, can also be operated.

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