Accelerator sensor


Combination sensor for structure-borne noise, tilt, position and temperature.

The SINGELPOINT3D sensor was derived from our high-security area sensor systems in order to provide cost-effective protection of even the smallest installation. It can be connected directly as a single element to any common alarm system, without extensive training being necessary.


  • Detection of structure-borne noise, dynamic tilt and position
  • Digital signal processing and filtering
  • Concealed or overt installation
  • Stand-alone operation (potential-free outputs)
  • Software can be updated via download
  • Simple operating software allows setting-up by untrained users.
Power supply12-48 VDC <0.4W
InterfaceMicro-USB accessible from the exterior through a screwed cover
Operating software“SP-3D Config”
Sensor element3-axis (3D) capacitive acceleration sensor
Detection typesStructure-borne noise, dynamic tilt, position, cut counter, integral and combi (structure-borne noise and tilt)
Signal outputs2 relays with changeover contacts
Working temperature– 35°C bis +85°C
Connections1 cable entry M16
HousingAnodized aluminium IP65 housing with cover contact; (H x W x D) 72 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
Mounting2 M4 screws (thread in sensor housing) or mounting plate

The robust aluminium housing (protection class IP65) is suitable for concealed installation or directly in the open. Several alarm types can be switched individually depending on the purpose. The sensor element precisely monitors every change in position, structure-borne sound and temperature, for which trigger thresholds can be set precisely, individually and variably via Micro-USB and PC. Signals are output via two potential-free relay contacts.
As even the tiniest changes in position and tilt (e.g. climb-over attempts) will be safely detected, SINGLEPOINT3D is a good solution for constructions such as fences, facades or any movable elements. Because this type of signal is also generated as dynamic tilt detection, slow positional changes – such as settling of the structure or due to snow load – will not produce unwanted signals. Optionally, structure-borne sound can be detected by the sensor, as is caused for example during attempts to penetrate a barrier. As evaluation of the sensor signals is based on digital filter technology, the frequencies to be detected can be customised to the application. The bootloader offers subsequent updating of the processor operating system to retrofit new reporting algorithms.

The sensor is already in service monitoring applications as varied as fences, facades, containers, pumping stations, and steel hangar structures, as well as for breakthrough detection in reinforced concrete walls and roofs.

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