SONACONTROL is designed as universal management software for all SYSCO systems. Depending on the program presets, the software is used to parametrize and monitor the respective signal systems.


  • Convenient parametrization software
  • Display software with graphical displays of the installation
  • Integrated database system
  • Software interfaces to many external systems
Operating SystemCommon Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Pro)
with min. 500MB free hard disk space
Optimal Screen Resolutionmin. 1280 × 768 pixels
Hardware RequirementsUSB 2.0 | Ethernet connection
1GHz Intel i3 Prozessor
Optimized forOpenGL graphics card 2.0

Current system states are visualized, parameters set and input and output signals linked through a convenient graphical user interface. The program can at the same time be used with various 3rd party systems for forwarding messages or receiving control commands. In support of this a variety of software protocols and an OPC server are available via various interfaces.
In addition to tabular representation of all system components, the operating states can also be displayed in graphics which trained users can easily create. This allows installation plans to be integrated in order to obtain the best system overview. In conjunction with audio signalling, this type of presentation can also be used as an alarm display for security personnel.

Log and database files are available with extensive functions for the statistical evaluation of any events occurring. System events are also seamlessly recorded over extended time periods for later verification.

Software functionality is of course divided into different password-protected user levels to provide protection against unauthorized users.

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