Spider V3.23

The SPIDER alarm visualization system is designed as an easy to use software platform for visual and audible alarm indication, based on a PC. The display mode interface can be easily re-arranged by trained personnel.


• Convenient alarm management system
• Freely configurable
• Simple operation
• Flexible functionality

Operating SystemCommon Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Pro)
with min. 500MB free hard disk space
Optimal Screen Resolutionmin. 1280 × 768 pixels
Hardware RequirementsUSB 2.0 | Ethernet connection
1GHz Intel i3 Prozessor
Optimized forOpenGL graphics card 2.0

The display background, together with the icons, are bitmaps that can be produced by almost every current graphics program or can be converted from other image formats.

The display interface can be configured to customer preference, allowing variants ranging from a relatively simple graphical interface through to complex alarm administration of several installation sections.

The behaviour of individual alarm points or operating elements can be individually set from within the software. Macros can be directly linked with detections, or employed as free functions. This makes automatic and manual control of video systems possible.

To facilitate day-to-day operation a work instruction for operational staff can be stored for each status change.

Log and database files are available offering comprehensive statistical evaluation of events occurring. System events are also recorded losslessly over extended periods to allow later verification.

The software is divided into several operator levels in order to protect certain functions from non-authorised users. Access to a particular user level is password controlled. Used in conjunction with SONA networks, SPIDER is the final piece in a cost-effective total security network solution.

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